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Is your laptop or desktop computer acting up? We can diagnose the issue and present potential solutions to get it get running like new. Whether it's running slow, has a virus, or needs data recovered, we'll get your computer back in tip-top shape. We also offer component replacement, upgrades, and repairs—like screen or hard drive replacements—to keep your device running for longer in order to save you money.

We know how important your mobile device can be in your daily life, so we make sure any issues you may have are taken care of quickly. Broken screens, poor battery life or even water damage, we can ensure you stay connected and informed on the go. We repair your device with quality replacement parts so that you can continue using your devices instead of sending them to the tech graveyard.

Most modern devices depend on a correctly configured WiFi connection, so let us make sure your WiFi network performs seamlessly. We know exactly how to set up your network to ensure it is fast, dependable, and secure. Whether you need a new network or your existing one needs some troubleshooting, feel the freedom and connectivity of a strong WiFi connection without the frustration of setting it up yourself.

Don’t let tech issues plague your business costing you valuable time and money. We can be your dedicated IT team ,without being full time on your payroll, to assist you so that you can focus on your actual business. We provide affordable tech support to businesses of all sizes that are looking to stay up and running and secure from all possible technological threats out there.

Smart devices can make your life substantially easier, but that doesn’t mean that setting them up correctly is. We’ll make sure your devices are installed so that they perform the way they are intended to. Whether it’s a new video doorbell or an entire smart home system we can help you. Planning, purchasing, installation, maintenance: we’ve got you covered!


If you need some help with your TV, audio or streaming devices then let us work our audio-visual magic to take care of it for you. We’ll make sure everything is connected properly so that you can stay safe from the snake pit of wires and that age-old question, “where does that wire go again”. We also provide mounting services so that all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.